Update from the Dog Commission (July 29th 2022)

Alpine Rescue Switzerland – dog handlers’ demonstration

Join in the excitement and fascination of watching a dog’s ability to save lives.

During the practical day in Jaman, the dog handlers of Swiss Alpine Rescue will bring you a demonstration on how they train a young dog to become an operational rescue dog.
The dog handlers are looking forward to working with you and count on your active participation as a volunteer…… to be found ! 

Update from the Medical Commission (July 7th 2022)

“We are delighted that Prof Beat Walpoth and Dr Evelien Cools from the University of Geneva, Switzerland will present the latest data on hypothermic cardiac arrest from a retrospective cohort study of the International Hypothermia Registry. The registry needs to be supported and most importantly have cases entered into it. Having Beat and Evelien at the Congress will allow rescuers to network with them so they can understand the process for contributing to this invaluable tool.

We are very honoured to have Beat at our Congress. This is a man that fired the imagination of mountain medicine doctors with his paper ‘Accidental deep hypothermia with cardiopulmonary arrest: Extracorporeal blood rewarming in 11 patients’ in 1990. More than 30 years later he continues with pioneering work. Rescue systems through out the world continue to be challenged by the logistics of bringing the cold patient back to life. Look how things have developed! For example, remember the mechanical chest compression devices being demonstrated at ICAR Chamonix 2018. What new strategies will emerge in the next 30 years?”