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Altimum SA is the sole representative and distributer in Switzerland of Petzl, the world leader in the safety of vertical activities using PPE and hands-free lighting.

Through their activities, the members of the Chaussy section of the Swiss Alpine Club undertake to extend their knowledge of the Swiss Alps so as to safeguard their originality, to respect and protect, in particular nature in general, flora and fauna.

Specialist in mountain alarm systems

Basée à Fribourg (Suisse), la Section Moléson comprend plus de 2200 membres, issus principalement de la ville et des environs. Moléson est une section du Club Alpin Suisse (CAS), lui-même fondé en 1863, véritable institution nationale, comptant actuellement 150’000 membres, répartis en 111 sections. Le CAS est la 6e association sportive de Suisse en taille. Le CAS encourage les activités sportives, scientifiques et culturelles en montagne.

The commune of Montreux was officially founded on 1st January 1962 with the merger of the
communes of Châtelard and Les Planches. Ever since, the commune has always presented itself
as a confederation of small villages, each retaining its own identity.