Exhibitors information

Information with regards to the ICAR congress that will take place in Montreux. The congress website is the following: https://icarmontreux2022.org/

Convention schedule

Should you wish to see the convention schedule, please click on the following link to download the pdf document: https://www.alpine-rescue.org/articles/896–program-for-our-congress-in-montreux

Exhibition booth/stand

The exhibition stand is 6m2: 3 meters long by 2 meters deep. The maximum height possible is 2m90.

The stands are attributed by the organizer/convention center. The name of your organization will be put on the space reserved for you.

Sending gifts for the participants’ welcome bags

Should you wish to include a small gift in the participants’ welcome bags, please send it to the following address before October 8th, 2022:

Lise Forster

Ch. De la Cierne des Paccots 44

1619 Les Paccots

Should you need to issue an invoice for custom purposes, you can address it to:

Alpine Rescue Switzerland – Bimenzältenstrasse 87 – 8058 Zürich Flughafen

Please note, however, that no tax will be paid at reception of the gifts, therefore please ensure that they are paid by your organization upfront.

Sending items to the convention center

Please note that a team of volunteers will be at the 2m2c Convention Center on the following dates and times to receive your shipments/help you set up your stand

Tuesday October 11th between 14:00 and 19:00 CET

Wednesday October 12th between 08:00 and 17:00 CET

Setting up your stand

Wednesday October 12th between 08:00 and 17:00

It is not possible to set it up the day before (the 11th October). It is however possible to set it up on the morning of October 13th, from 08:00 to 09:30. Wether you decide to set up your stand on the 12 or the 13th please not your stand must be ready before the coffee break that starts at 09:30!

Address of the convention center

2m2c Montreux Music & Convention Center

Av. Claude-Nobs 5
1820 Montreux

Equipment of your stand

Your stand will be equipped with 1 table, 2 chairs and 1 plug socket.

Please note that any extra equipment will be re-billed to your organization.

Please refer to your contract for details.

Exhibition floor

Your stand will be located where the coffee breaks will take place, in the same room. You will therefore have plenty of time to connect with participants whilst they are having their coffee.

ICAR Montreux congress communication channels

We have created 2 channels to relay important information before and during the congress. We would highly recommend that you join one of them to be kept informed of latest news/changes.

WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ecm4T6cUCui4LVKgUAyENC%C2%A0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icar_montreux2022/

QR codes to join can be found on: https://icarmontreux2022.org/news/ (please scroll down or click on one of the news item)

Guest speaker

If you have been invited by one of the ICAR Technical Commission Presidents as a guest speaker or presenter and have questions with regards to your presentation, we recommend that you contact the person who has invited you. The organizing committee is only in charge of the logistic of the congress. The content is the responsibility of the ICAR Technical Commission Presidents.

Should you have any questions, please note that 2 calls dedicated to exhibitors only are scheduled. I will therefore be available via Zoom on the following dates and times:

– Tuesday October 4th between 9am and 10am CET (Zurich, Paris time) and

 Wednesday October 5th at 4pm and 5pm CET (Zurich, Paris time)

Zoom: ICAR Montreux exhibitors virtual meeting room


Meeting ID: 861 5955 3666

Lodging (for ICAR partners & sponsors only)

For ICAR partners and sponsors who have taken the package including lodging, please note that we will give you the name of your hotel upon registration at the 2m2c convention center, on the day.

To get to Montreux

We highly recommend to come by train to Montreux (name of train station is “Montreux”) as parking is limited, expensive and at your own charge and responsibility.

Should you still wish to come by car, the parking “Marché/forum” allows for a long stay at the price of CHF35/24 hours. COSTS AND LOCATION OF ALL PARKINGS CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING ON THE FOLLOWING LINK (please scroll down to “Montreux” to see the list of parking): https://www.parkings-riviera.ch/